Our History

COSCO SHIPPING LINES CO LTD. (Here in after referred to as COSCO SHIPPING LINES), head quartered in shanghai, is an enterprise specially engaged in international and domestic container shipping and related services.

Its predecessor is the former COSCO container Lines co Ltd. Established on Nov 11, 1997.

COSCO Shipping Lines Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as COSCO SHIPPING Lines) , affiliated with COSCO Shipping Group, is born with the integrated container businesses of CSCL and its predecessor COSCO , which has been up for business since Mar.1st, 2016. COSCO SHIPPING Lines is a fully-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Holding Co., Ltd,registered in China (Shanghai) Free-trade Experimental Area with a registered capital of 15.96 billion Yuan. Company is mainly engaged in domestic and international maritime container transport services and related business, as the group’s core business sector.

By November 30, 2017, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has a total of 291 corporate enterprises, including 137 domestic enterprises and 154 enterprises abroad.

COSCO Container Lines is renamed into “COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co Ltd. On Nov 18, 2016

According to the investment management system, COSCO SHIPPING Lines is a fully-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Holding Co, Ltd. and is indirectly held by COSCO SHIPPING.is renamed into “COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd” SCO SHIPPING.

After merger, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has expanded the business scale, consolidated the position in the industry. Meanwhile, the service network has also been further improved. By the end of November 2017, the company has a total of 361 container vessels, with a total capacity of 1.84 million TEUs, 2.68M TEU containers, ranking the 4th place in the world , and the 1st place in the Asia. COSCO SHIPPING Lines operates 356 international and domestic shipping routes, consisting of 227 international services (including international feeder services), 43 domestic services, 86 Yangtze River and Pearl River shipping services, covering 267 ports in 85 countries an