Reefer Cargo

Reefer Cargo

Sea Food :- First fish Stuffed  Locally from Fishery  & Secondly Fish Stuffed from Gwadar. These shipper normally required 8 – 10 days to load their cargo and return back our reefer container.

Vegetables :- Mostly vegetables are stuffed in Karachi but some shipper load their containers from Upcountry. Local shipper required  7 days but  Upcountry shipper required  15 – 21 days to stuff their cargo and return our container.

Oranges ( Kinoo)  :- All Oranges (Kinoo) are stuffed from Upcountry ( Bhalwal ) and Shipping line have practice they deliver their empty containers to Shippers Yard and also give 30 days free detention to load maximum volume from them.

Mangoes :-  Mostly Mangoes are stuffed from Karachi and required only 07 days to stuff and deliver the containers to us.

Beef :-  Mostly Beef shippers are in Upcountry and they need 15 – 20 days to stuff tehri containers and return back to Karachi and shipping companies who are willing to load beef containers provide them 15 – 20 days.